iFetch Forever.jpg

As one of our original brands, we always get excited to work with the iFetch brand. With a few secret squirrel projects on the go for this one which we can't as yet share - we thought it worthwhile to share some of our favourite things about iFetch.

First and foremost we love working with the iFetch creators, the Hamill Family based in Austin Texas. Having recently spent some time with them at the awesome Superzoo conference it was wonderful to connect with such genuinely nice, caring people who love their iFetch family - us included! 

Secondly, the range itself is super fun and so of course it's a delight to work with this brand here in Australia / New Zealand - our customers love it! We often get sent the best videos, photos and feedback so it's always great to see a great product, resonate so well with the dogs it's created for and their proud parents.

The story behind the brand. We're passionate here at EPS about great stories behind all our brands and iFetch is one of the best! In case you aren't familiar, we will recap for you.

The idea for the iFetch started one afternoon when Grant was trying to do his homework at the kitchen table. Our toy poodle, Prancer, kept dropping the ball at his feet, begging him to play fetch. Twenty minutes later, with Grant growing tired of the game and Prancer as energetic as ever, Grant finally asked, “What if we made something that could throw the ball for Prancer so I can finish my homework?”

When Grant’s grandfather, Denny, heard about the idea, he said, “Why not? This could be a fun family project.” And from such simple beginnings, the iFetch was born. Several months later, after hundreds of hours of researching, prototyping, testing, and refining, we finally launched our Kickstarter campaign on June 17, 2013. Thirty days and more than 1,000 backers later, we had received $88,000, more than four times our original goal.

How cool is that? We always love when people put themselves out there & create something from scratch that becomes a global brand. 

So what's coming up with iFetch? Lots of fun stuff, so please check back in soon!


Lauren Gledhill