We certainly are! EPS are delighted to confirm that P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle & You will launch in Australia on November 1, 2017. We've been familiar with the P.L.A.Y brand for some time and for many reasons it's been on our dream client list. Naturally we are beyond excited that this brand will be available throughout Australia in pet speciality and boutique stores. 

Whilst there's lots to love (and there really is, you should see the catalogue!) here are our top 5 reasons that P.L.A.Y is a 'must-have' for your store and for your pet.

  1. Better For Pets: the P.L.A.Y range is safe, non-toxic and use quality materials to ensure your pets play with joy and sleep in heavenly comfort. In a world of 'fast-fashion' P.L.A.Y products are synonymous with quality.
  2. Better For People: the P.L.A.Y range are created with thoughtful design in mind, so they fit well in your home and with most of the range coming with removable parts that are 100% machine washable, they make cleaning a breeze for modern pet parents.
  3. Better For Planet: all the bedding & toys are filled with in-house certified PlanetFill polyfiber - this is an important part of the Green Goals for P.L.A.Y
  4. Seriously Fun: We are obsessed with the P.L.A.Y plush range and wobble balls. So cute, so much fun and with lots of hidden extras they are a massive step up from a standard plush and we highly recommend!
  5. Expansive: the P.L.A.Y range is really broad and well thought out. There is really is something for every pet regardless of breed, size or type. 

If you're a retail store interested in P.L.A.Y please let us know via email on or call us on 1300 946 543 - we'd love to chat with you to see how P.L.A.Y could work for you & your customers.

Look out soon for more information..


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